Diving in – the first S.A. in Poole

By Martin Graham
Thursday, October 11th, 2018

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Blog by Paul Hockley
Poole, Dorset now has its first STREET ASSOCIATION!
Martin & Gina Graham came this way in February 2016 to speak to a few “movers and shakers” about the benefits of STREET ASSOCIATIONS but funding was not forthcoming to set up a STREET ASSOCIATION in a deprived road in the Borough.
Saddened but not too deterred by this, we thought that the good news of STREET ASSOCIATIONS would best spread if we went ahead and set one up in our reasonably normal street (we’re not Sandbanks!).
In our road of 64 houses we now have a Core Group of 8 residents and are planning a Bonfire with Sparklers and Soup/ Hotdogs for all ages in a local park on Sunday, November 4th (early evening) and hope to be having 2 or 3 events in 2019.
In addition to this we have a small group from the road doing a litter-pick in the local park once a month.
Because of this the authorities are pleased for us to use a clubhouse in the local park free of charge.
A WIN-WIN situation.
We’ll be surprised if the Council won’t now be taking note of the clear benefits of STREET ASSOCIATIONS;   in the meantime members of our road are making friends with each other and the road is beginning to smile more!