Other Groups

What about other groups/associations that may already exist?

Neighbourhood Watch


A Street Association can run alongside a Neighbourhood Watch group, and often does.

That means that the crime-prevention and safety agenda can be combined with the social and helping hand dimension. Through a national agreement, a Street Association can register as a Neighbourhood Watch group (and thereby link to the local police) without changing its name; and a Neighbourhood Watch group can broaden it’s appeal by starting a Street Association, often getting more support as a result.  Street Associations registered in this way also have the benefit of being covered by Neighbourhood Watch’s national public liability insurance policy.

Residents associations

These tend to focus on ‘nuts and bolts’ issues of common concern, representing residents’ needs to housing associations, local councils and the like.

This can be really valuable – and can combine really easily with the agenda of a Street Association, which is summed up by the strap-line ‘friendship : fun : belonging : a helping hand’.

The Big Lunch


We love to partner with this once-a-year street party concept.

The Street Association gives a simple framework, both to make that happen and to keep things going for the rest of the year.