Members’ comments

Here are some comments residents wrote about their Street Association in follow-up surveys undertaken by Uturn UK.

“I think it’s made a huge difference. It’s great to have the sense of community spirit, which I felt was definitely lacking before”.

“Great for young children to engage with other children in street”.

“The events have shown how generous, kind and helpful neighbours can be”.

“More OK to say hello to others”.

“As I live alone, it is helpful to know who I could contact in case of emergency”.

Feel more comfortable calling on people for support or helping someone out”.

“Feels like a community. Area feels safe”.

“It has built links between people of different cultural and religious backgrounds which were not there before”.

“Good to get to know people that I wouldn’t otherwise have spoken to”.

“It has made the street a more positive place to live and we feel it is encouraging people to be more considerate towards their neighbours”.

“I feel more part of the street”.

“Grateful for help in emergencies – already happened”.

“Having made new friends and found we have common interests”.

“Some people say hi and ask how we are

“My wife and I now exchange the time of day with many more people”.

“It’s the smiling that helps me, knowing that I am part of a community of like-minded adults”.

“I have made good friendships – when I take my daughter to the park I can ring other mums to see if they want to come too”.

“Had some very pleasant evenings, especially within the ‘core group’.”

“Help with heavy lifting has been welcomed”.

My kids say hello to more people as we’re walking to school because they have met them at a Street Association gathering”.

“Feeling more involved”.

“More optimistic about living in a more friendly and neighbourly community”.

“Built good relationships with other neighbours. Small get-togethers”.

“I feel proud to be part of a street with a Street Association”.